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National Sustainability Day!

Posted 10.27.21 in General

Today is National Sustainability Day! ASP celebrates this every day through our efforts to being dedicated to building a sustainable future! We encourage everyone today to take a step to help create a more sustainable and clean future! #solar #cleanenergy #sustainability #solarpanels #cleanenergysource

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Employee Highlight!

Posted 10.26.21 in General

Today we would like to highlight Shaibu Ibrahim! Who is an Electrical Engineer at ASP and has been with us since June of 2021. Below is a little more information to get to know more about one of our newer employees Shaibu!

Favorite part about working at ASP: “Working with the Engineering and Design team and supporting procurement as well. It’s been exciting since joining ASP a few months ago. Each day, making decisions that are critical to the development of renewable energy (solar) projects and modeling power systems makes me glad that I am in the right place.”

Favorite hobby: Playing soccer

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Jollof Rice

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Industry News Friday!

Posted 10.22.21 in General

Happy Industry News Friday! This week we have found an article on the quest to make solar panels last longer! This would be a great achievement for the industry to accomplish, that would help the supplier, customer, and the climate! If you would like to read more about the article, click the link below! https://solarmagazine.com/the-quest-to-make-solar-panels-last-longer/ #solar #sustainability #renewables #solarpanels #cleanenergy #cleanfuture

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Intern Highlight!

Posted 10.19.21 in General

Today we are highlighting one of our past interns Luke Hanna! Luke started his internship with us May of 2020 with our Engineering department. He returned in December of 2020 for a winter internship with our Business Development team, helping with Community Solar applications. His most recent internship started in May of this year working with our Business Development & Project Management teams. Luke was a huge help to the ASP team, and we are very thankful for his time! Below is a brief message from Luke about his experience with ASP!


“ASP made me feel welcomed and comfortable in taking on distinctly new responsibilities as I moved from one team to the next throughout my three consecutive internships. They gave me rigorous training in each field, but never boxed me in to a single activity; their proactive approach to mentorship gave me a diverse set of experiences I’ll never forget!”

If you are interested in an internship opportunity with ASP, you can contact us through our website: http://www.advancedsolarproducts.com/contact/Intern Highlight

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Project Update

Posted 10.12.21 in General

ASP has recently completed a project for a New Jersey School District that consist of five education buildings. We are proud to add these systems to our portfolio! #solar #sustainability #education #renewables #solarpanels #cleanenergy #cleanfutureProject Update

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Industry News Friday!

Posted 10.8.21 in General

Happy Industry News Friday! Today we have an article about New Jersey looking to share solar energy with low-income residents! This is extremely exciting news for community solar! The state is planning to make a permanent pilot program that gives electricity from community solar projects to low and moderate income communities that have not benefited from solar! If you would like to find out more click the link below! #solar #sustainability #renewables #solarpanels #cleanenergy #cleanfuture https://enviropolitics.com/nj-looks-to-share-more-solar-energy-with-low-income-residents/

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ASP is Sponsoring the Somerset County Business Partnership Diversity and Inclusion Summit

Posted 10.5.21 in General

This week ASP is sponsoring the Somerset County Business Partnership Diversity and Inclusion Summit on Thursday, October 7th at 9 am! The Summit will focus on workplace strategies, uncovering unconscious bias, and steps to counter the inequity stemming from a hybrid or home-based workplace. If you would like to register or find out more information about the Summit click the link below! #solar #sustainability #renewables #solarpanels #cleanenergy #cleanfuture https://web.scbp.org/events/Diversity-Inclusion-Summit-21623/details

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Industry News Friday!

Posted 10.1.21 in General

Industry News Friday! Some exciting solar news for you this week! During an FERC study, solar assets performed as expected during the February 2021 Texas blackout. This calls attention to the need to rapidly transition to reliable clean energy sources like solar and storage to minimize grid disruptions and boost our resilience. To learn more click the link below! https://www.seia.org/news/ferc-study-solar-remained-reliable-electricity-source-during-texas-blackouts

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Employee Highlight

Posted 9.28.21 in General

Today we would like to highlight Liam Hanna! Who is a Design and Production Engineer at ASP and has been with us since 2019. Liam graduated from Lehigh University in 2020 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Energy Engineering. He has been with ASP as an intern since the summer of 2019 and full time since May of 2020.

Liam describes himself as a very hands-on person and when he is not at work he is working on cars/engines, working around the house, or building and fixing different things! He also enjoys fishing, water sports, and relaxing with his dog.

Below are a few questions we asked Liam!

Favorite part about working at ASP: “Being personally involved in projects as they go from initial designs to being built in real life and getting to spend time in the field learning and experiencing things firsthand.”

Favorite hobby: Carpentry or working on cars

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Indian

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Happy 4th of July

Posted 7.2.20 in General

Our office will be closed July, 3 2020 in observance of the 4th of July. We assure you that all your emails and calls will be answered as soon as we return to the office.

Wishing you a happy holiday weekend!

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