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Advanced Solar Products: Hiring

Posted 4.29.20 in General

Despite everything going on during this global pandemic, we are still growing and planning for the future. While following the Governor’s Executive Orders, over these past weeks our team has remained busy submitting proposals and designing systems for future projects.

Advanced Solar Products is looking to fill positions in Business Development and Design. Currently, our team is telecommuting, but we remain hopeful that typical office operations will resume in the near future.

Job postings can be found under the Employment Opportunities on our website, http://www.advancedsolarproducts.com/about/. If you are an applicant and would like to personally reach out to us you may send an email to hr@advancedsolarproducts.com.

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Posted 3.20.20 in General

Dear Customers and Friends,

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has created a constantly changing landscape worldwide. At Advanced Solar Products (ASP), the health and wellness of our community, customers and employees is our first priority. Like you, we are very concerned about developments surrounding COVID-19, and we are taking precautions to minimize risk in our offices and worksites.

We remain fully staffed and have shifted to remote operations as we develop, design and construct PV systems, as well as provide service to our energized projects. In the event of any project or service delays we will be in touch with our clients immediately.

Our staff has been informed of best practices to avoid, prevent and mitigate the spread of illness . If you have plans to interact with our team at your site, you can be assured that all of our employees have been briefed on proper precautionary hygienic measures to keep themselves and others around them healthy. Precautionary measures also include the implementation of a 4-point Daily Survey which assesses employee health and COVID-19 risk factors before reporting to work sites. 

Updates surrounding this evolving situation have been provided to staff and we encourage them to continue to educate themselves on COVID-19 by utilizing the trusted resources below:




As our pledge, we will continue to keep our staff and customers informed of developments as necessary. Thank you for your patronage and continued business during this challenging time. If you have questions about the steps we are taking, please reach out to us at 908-751-5818.


Ed Seliga

Chief Operating Officer

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T-Rex or T-RECs?

Posted 2.28.20 in General

T- TREC transition
ASP Staff Embracing Change

The NJ Solar Program is changing; SRECs as we knew them are heading towards a transition program called T-RECs and well, our team is not only embracing the change but we also love the name

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Work in Progress: Advanced Solar Makes EV Chargers Available to Staff

Posted 2.13.20 in General

EV Charger Event
Lyle Rawlings and Assemblyman Zwicker at EV Event

The new EV charging system at 270 S. Main Street was designed and built by Advanced Solar Products, with support from Tesla’s workplace charging program.  Advanced Solar’s President & CEO, Lyle Rawlings, said, “We did this in order to make our workplace attractive to today’s work force, and future-proof our workplace.  The eight high-power level 2 EV chargers, with a little sharing, will be capable of serving up to 50% of the employees at the building.”

Since the project was announced, three additional employees have decided to buy electric vehicles.  More are considering the move.  Advanced Solar Products is announcing at the event that it will provide EV charging to its employees for free.

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, Chair of the Science, Innovation, and Technology Committee and Primary Sponsor of the Electric Vehicle Bill, said ““Last year, New Jersey produced approximately 97 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.  To break that down further, just one million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions roughly equates to 214,133 cars being driven across our state.  The math is staggering when we look at the impacts that vehicle emissions have on not only our air quality but on our environment.  Transitioning to electric vehicles is an important weapon in our arsenal to combat global warming, and S2252/A4819 is a vital step in advancing that transition.  Each traditionally fueled car that we can take off the road moves us towards a better environmental future for the generations to follow”.

“Workplace charging is a key component in making EVs accessible to all New Jerseyans,” said Pam Frank, CEO of Charge EVC, “curbing EV drivers’ fears that they will not able to reach their next stop and gives all those who can’t charge at home another point of access into the EV market”.

In order to make it easier for other companies to provide workplace charging, Advanced Solar will make its full permit set of plans and specifications available to attendees at no cost.  Copies will be provided at the event.  Advanced Solar also plans to publish a step-by-step “how-to” guide to help other companies with the process of planning, designing, and installing EV chargers.

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Gearing up for Back to School with System O&M Visits

Posted 8.7.19 in General

Plainfield BOE: Academy of the Arts School
Plainfield Academy of the Arts

As teachers and students are gearing up for another school year, Advanced Solar Products Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Team are checking on systems to optimize performance and ensure safe operation.

Over the summer our O&M staff has visited over 25 schools for system checks. The inspections include a complete visual audit of the system, infrared scans of connections, performance verification summaries, and equipment manufacturer specified services. After the inspection is complete we provide a detailed report of the findings to our clients.

Our experienced team is led by our NABCEP Certitied O&M Manager, Joacine. Under his guidance, he and his crew routinely attend inverter trainings and are familiar with a range of PV products and installation types. Their knowledge of the equipment paired with the support of our engineering staff allow us to provide top notch service while upholding manufacturer warranties.

If a solar energy system is installed at your school or office it important that routine inspections are scheduled to ensure that the system is operating to it’s full potential and safely. Advanced Solar recommends at minimum, an annual review for systems but if that is not in your budget here are a few important items to look for:

  • Conduit separation,
  • Confirm roof drains are cleared
  • Broken modules
  • Inverter alerts
  • Water ponding
  • Debris under modules or near them
  • Signs of rodents or other pests on site
  • Loose wires
  • Changes in production output.

Advanced Solar will inspect commercial systems that we did not install. If you notice any of the aforementioned system concerns, we recommend that you contact your system installer or reach out to us for a service visit.

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Module Installation: 100%

Posted 8.6.19 in General

Advanced Solar Products Achieves Another Milestone on NJ Hospital PV Installation

South Jersey Medical Center

It was a busy second quarter for Advanced Solar Products as our team worked feverishly to install all of the PV modules, achieving yet another milestone on this beautiful system for an NJ Medical Center. The system is located in South Jersey and we could not be more thrilled by the work of our team which includes Union Electricians and local subcontractors. We anticipate having this system fully interconnected by early mid-September.

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Class of 2019 Interns

Posted 6.28.19 in General

Advanced Solar class of 2019 interns

Advanced Solar Interns Visit Energy Storage Sites

Advanced Solar Products project managers were thrilled to take advantage of the beautiful weather and tour some of our energy storage sites in Pennington, NJ with our 2019 summerinterns. Senior Project Manager, Gerry Lax shares his expertise on the Solar + Storage that he has installed at the local high school and Department of Public works.

The first stop was Hopewell Valley Central High School, with carport canopies plus roof mounted arrays and two Dynapower 500KW inverter battery storage containers. The second site was Pennington DPW, with a PV ground mount solar array and a Tesla battery system, the first of its kind in NJ. Both arrays were part of PSE&G’s “Solar 4 All” Program, and will help with emergency power when needed.

Advanced Solar Products has dedicated itself to the mission of building a sustainable future. Sharing our knowledge and experiences in renewable energy with this amazing group of up and coming engineers reignites our passion for PV design and innovation. We are grateful to have such a talented and inspiring group working with us.

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Highland Park Solar Storage System

Posted 4.25.19 in General

Advanced Solar Products is beginning construction on their eighth project for PSE&G. The Highland Park project has been designed utilizing Tesla batteries that will support grid-stability. Please read the attached article from NJBIZ for more information on this project.

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New Jersey aims for cheaper, cleaner energy BY Michael Hill, Correspondent | December 28, 2018, 5PM EST

Posted 12.30.18 in General

Lyle met with NJ TV News Correspondent, Michael Hill to discuss Solar Policy and the future of PV in NJ. They discussed Murphy’s Clean Energy Act and the benefits of the new law.  The segment can be viewMount Laural, NJ- 532 kWed on the NJ News website, NJTVOnline.org.

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Posted 5.23.18 in General

Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Industry Association (MSEIA) notes in the press release that Governor Murphy, who took office on January 16th of this year, has quickly followed up on his campaign pledge to utilize solar power, offshore wind, and batteries to move the state toward a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050. Lyle Rawlings, President Advanced Solar Products as well as President and co-founder of MSEIA, goes on to compliment the Governor’s achievement, “Considering the complexity and scope of this pivotal change in our economy, Governor Murphy has moved with remarkable speed to create a basis in law to advance these goals”. MSEIA PRESS RELEASE – NJ GOVERNOR PHIL MURPHY SIGNS HISTORIC CLEAN ENERGY BILL – 5-23-18

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