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Gearing up for Back to School with System O&M Visits

Posted 8.7.19 in General

Plainfield BOE: Academy of the Arts School
Plainfield Academy of the Arts

As teachers and students are gearing up for another school year, Advanced Solar Products Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Team are checking on systems to optimize performance and ensure safe operation.

Over the summer our O&M staff has visited over 25 schools for system checks. The inspections include a complete visual audit of the system, infrared scans of connections, performance verification summaries, and equipment manufacturer specified services. After the inspection is complete we provide a detailed report of the findings to our clients.

Our experienced team is led by our NABCEP Certitied O&M Manager, Joacine. Under his guidance, he and his crew routinely attend inverter trainings and are familiar with a range of PV products and installation types. Their knowledge of the equipment paired with the support of our engineering staff allow us to provide top notch service while upholding manufacturer warranties.

If a solar energy system is installed at your school or office it important that routine inspections are scheduled to ensure that the system is operating to it’s full potential and safely. Advanced Solar recommends at minimum, an annual review for systems but if that is not in your budget here are a few important items to look for:

  • Conduit separation,
  • Confirm roof drains are cleared
  • Broken modules
  • Inverter alerts
  • Water ponding
  • Debris under modules or near them
  • Signs of rodents or other pests on site
  • Loose wires
  • Changes in production output.

Advanced Solar will inspect commercial systems that we did not install. If you notice any of the aforementioned system concerns, we recommend that you contact your system installer or reach out to us for a service visit.