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Intern Highlight!

Posted 1.11.22 in General

Today we are highlighting one of our recent interns Nick Lambert! Nick started his internship with us in March of 2021 with the Engineering Department and rejoined us in December of 2021 with the Business Development Department. Nick was a huge help to the ASP team, and we are very thankful for his time! Below is a brief message from Nick about his experience with ASP!


“ASP has taught me invaluable skills through welcoming and rigorous experiences. Having internships in the Engineering and Business Development teams has helped me understand the bridge between the two departments from a technical perspective. Additionally, I have been able to work extremely close with professional engineers to expand my knowledge of the field and make meaningful contributions to project development. As the school year rolls around, I am very thankful for the opportunity to continue contributing toward the innovative work of the company as I pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.”

If you are interested in an internship opportunity with ASP, you can contact us through our website: http://www.advancedsolarproducts.com/contact/