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Work in Progress: Advanced Solar Makes EV Chargers Available to Staff

Posted 2.13.20 in General

EV Charger Event
Lyle Rawlings and Assemblyman Zwicker at EV Event

The new EV charging system at 270 S. Main Street was designed and built by Advanced Solar Products, with support from Tesla’s workplace charging program.  Advanced Solar’s President & CEO, Lyle Rawlings, said, “We did this in order to make our workplace attractive to today’s work force, and future-proof our workplace.  The eight high-power level 2 EV chargers, with a little sharing, will be capable of serving up to 50% of the employees at the building.”

Since the project was announced, three additional employees have decided to buy electric vehicles.  More are considering the move.  Advanced Solar Products is announcing at the event that it will provide EV charging to its employees for free.

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, Chair of the Science, Innovation, and Technology Committee and Primary Sponsor of the Electric Vehicle Bill, said ““Last year, New Jersey produced approximately 97 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.  To break that down further, just one million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions roughly equates to 214,133 cars being driven across our state.  The math is staggering when we look at the impacts that vehicle emissions have on not only our air quality but on our environment.  Transitioning to electric vehicles is an important weapon in our arsenal to combat global warming, and S2252/A4819 is a vital step in advancing that transition.  Each traditionally fueled car that we can take off the road moves us towards a better environmental future for the generations to follow”.

“Workplace charging is a key component in making EVs accessible to all New Jerseyans,” said Pam Frank, CEO of Charge EVC, “curbing EV drivers’ fears that they will not able to reach their next stop and gives all those who can’t charge at home another point of access into the EV market”.

In order to make it easier for other companies to provide workplace charging, Advanced Solar will make its full permit set of plans and specifications available to attendees at no cost.  Copies will be provided at the event.  Advanced Solar also plans to publish a step-by-step “how-to” guide to help other companies with the process of planning, designing, and installing EV chargers.