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New Jersey has hit a new solar installation milestone!

Posted 7.22.22 in General

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities reported that New Jersey has installed more than 4 GW of solar power. According to the BPU this is enough to provide electricity to over 500,000 New Jersey households annually. This is a great accomplishment for New Jersey and the solar industry! If you would like to learn more, follow the link below.

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Posted 7.1.22 in General

ASP’s office will be closed on Monday, July 4th to observe Independence Day. We want to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday weekend!

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Posted 6.17.22 in General

Today we are highlighting one of our recent interns Nolan Cremi! Nolan started his internship with us in May with the Business Development and Engineering Department. Nolan has been a huge help to the ASP team, and we are very thankful that he is going to be spending his summer with us! Below is a brief message from Nolan about his experience with ASP so far!

“My experience at ASP has been great so far! I received a warm welcome from the members of the ASP team. Through working on different projects, I have learned immensely about engineering, business, and how the two disciplines relate. Both the technical and soft skills I am building at ASP will be invaluable through my career. I am looking forward to learning more in the coming months of my internship and am thankful for this opportunity!”

If you are interested in an internship opportunity with ASP, you can contact us through our website contact form.

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Posted 6.10.22 in General

During the summertime, the heat can be hard to beat, especially for those who must work outside. We wanted to give a reminder of some of the ways you can avoid the risk of heat-related illnesses.

1.       Make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water

2.       Take multiple breaks even when it doesn’t feel necessary

3.       Choose light weight and loose-fitting clothing

4.       Try to limit the outdoor exposure to in the morning and at night when it tends to be cooler

5.       Know the signs and symptoms of heated-related illness as seen in the photo

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Posted 6.3.22 in General

As the days start to get warmer, we wanted to share a few helpful ways to keep your electricity bills down while keeping your house cool!

1.       Utilize your ceiling fans and other fans to better circulate the air

2.       At night open the windows and let the cooler nighttime air cool down the house

3.       Close the doors to rooms you don’t use frequently to limit the area your central air needs to cool the house

4.       Unplug devices you aren’t using at the moment

5.       During the day close the blinds or curtains to keep your rooms shaded and cooled

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Posted 6.1.22 in General

Did you know the U.S. throws away enough plastic bottles in a week to circle the Earth 5 times! Try switching to reusable water bottles the next time you need a drink on the go!

Reference: https://www.theworldcounts.com/stories/Pollution-from-Plastic

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Posted 5.27.22 in General

ASP’s office will be closed on Monday, May 30th to observe Memorial Day. Have a safe and healthy holiday weekend!

Photo Credit: Veteran.com

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Posted 5.20.22 in General

Today we are highlighting one of our recent interns Konnor Getz! Konnor started his internship with us in January of 2022 with the Engineering Department. Konnor was a huge help to the ASP team, and we are very thankful for his time! Below is a brief message from Konnor about his experience with ASP!

“During my time at ASP, I have gained a great understanding of what it is like to be a part of an engineering team. Even though I did not have much experience coming into the position, I was greeted by a welcoming and helpful team that would always assist me if needed. While interning for four months, I was able to work on various projects alongside professional engineers. Additionally, I was given time to work on my own project – an AutoCAD tool that will help the engineering team on their future projects. I think that my time interning at ASP has helped me become even more excited about pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am very thankful I got the opportunity to work for such a great company.”

If you are interested in an internship opportunity with ASP, you can contact us through our website: http://www.advancedsolarproducts.com/contact/

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Posted 5.17.22 in General

Today, we wanted to share an article on how you can live a more environmentally conscious life! Follow the link below to read more about the different habits you can add to your life to be eco-friendly!


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Posted 5.11.22 in General

Yesterday, ASP got to sponsor the Somerset County Business Partnership’s 50th annual Golf Classic at New Jersey National. Our COO Ed Seliga, and some ASP staff got to enjoy a beautiful day on the course!

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